Friday, 6 March 2009

Jaide rVa James A/W 09 Press & Press Release

Dazed June 09 styled by Robbie Spencer & shot by Matt Irwin

Jaiden rVa James

Human Nature- AW09

Jaiden and Rasharn of Jaiden rVa James have explored the dark side of the human psyche for AW09, delving into a damaged mind and exploring some of its darkest facets from sexual desire to insanity. Both being huge parts of the human nature and both are talked about in hushed tones if talked about at all.

The foundations of this collection take inspiration from Jaiden and Rasharn’s captivation by Sir John Everett Millais’ Ophelia, whose life was represented in the symbolic meanings of flowers, which has been translated through the floral prints in the collection. Inevitably Ophelia’s lust and sexual desire for Hamlet drew her to madness, depicted in the robust leather and sinister rubber fabrics that run throughout the collection. The designers have taken a view from an institute for the insane for this collection, from self harmers in straight jackets to those more calm and composed in more fluid and free moving garments, all of whom had been institutionalized for their acts of perversion.

The collection, drawing inspiration heavily from iconic films such as Hamlet, Hannibal, Clockwork Orange and Girl Interrupted, comprises of floral cotton pleated kilts, a diverse range of rubber leggings and cotton floral shirts contrasted with pleated panels playing with texture and colour. Bias cut sheer stretch jersey tops are seen with outsized long sleeves, leather harnesses and restricting straight jackets.

“Exposed Zips plays a huge part in the collection from the zips at the crotch of the rubber leggings to those on the plackets of the shirts. Having zips on display are very seductive, knowing that with just one pull it can lead to a place that is hidden behind a layer”.

This season Jaiden rVa James have had the opportunity to work with many talented individuals and brands, including milliner J Smith Esquire and the iconic leather jacket brand Schott by reworking the legendary perfecto jacket. The designers have worked closely with both parties to develop products to form part of the AW09 collection.

For further information please contact Sarah Horn at Cube Public Relations 0207 2524583

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