Tuesday, 7 September 2010

I-D Magazine 200 portraits issue Nick Knight

Jaiden rVa James was selected to be a part of 200 portraits the other subjects include a diverse range of people from established and emerging talent across a variety of fields

Jaiden rVa James on Peter Marino and in Wallpaper Sep 10

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Jaiden rVa James S/S 10 Press

Youth by Youth

Jaiden rVa James S/S 10

Styled by Robbie Spencer & Shot by Mari Sarai

Inspirations- Dorian Gray, Kids-Larry Clark, The Kids are alright- Ryan McGinley,

Rasharn & Jaiden of the cult menswear brand Jaiden rVa James, for Spring/ Summer 10 decided to explore youth. The youth that they posses themselves and the youth of those who surround them and that is constantly lusted after.

Inspired by The early work of the artistic photographer Ryan McGinley that captured the essence of growing up in the 21st centaury. As well as Larry Clark’s photographic works and his body of films and finally Oscar Wilde’s Portrait of Dorian Gray. McGinley & Clark’s work captures what can’t truly be captured and that is what inspired the duo mostly.

The Collection comprises of rubber hoods embedded with nails, rubber nipple exposing vests with side buckle clips attached, leather shorts, panelled with rubber and also embellished with side release buckles. ‘We wanted the hoods to be somewhat between beautiful and scary at the same time, wanting them to represent the angst and strife that adolescents go through . Hiding and obscuring the most valuable thing on a youthful person.’

‘This season is a celebration of both two years and five seasons that we have been running the label so we still feel relatively young, so its also youth that the company possesses, youth that we are holding on to but slowly losing and youth that we are attracted to. Not just ourselves but human beings in general, when men are at their sexual peak and almost everything and everyone is a sex object. In this sense this is not a celebration of youth nor is it the mourning of its passing, its in-between the two a passing that has not yet passed but will indefinitely come to claim us’