Monday, 6 October 2008

A/W 08 Press

Jaiden rVa James

A/W 08 Evening Punk

Upon graduating from two of Britain’s most respected artistic educational institutions. Jaiden rVa James was Born, when the minds of two young creative’s Rasharn de Vera Agyemang & Jaiden James came together. The labels aim is to deliver contemporary menswear, cutting edge but always wearable designs and to respect and explore the male anatomy, A shirt is never just a shirt nor are trousers just trousers. Exploring each garment differently and understanding how the fit and cut are at the utmost importance on relation to the wearers body. The aim is to capture the Zeitgeist of fashion each season and always create extremely well made timeless pieces.

Autumn/Winter 2008 is the second season & collection for Jaiden rVa James. Moving on from the previous seasons ’Mother Africa’ collection which was a fusion of luxury sportswear and traditional tailoring, comprising entirely of African prints which received rave reviews from fashion press and industry insiders alike. The new seasons collection is titled ‘Evening Punk’. ‘This Season was all about us growing up a bit, moving away from the previous seasons statement prints and focusing on the quality of the cloth , shape, fit and cut and working with luxurious evening fabrics’.

The collection comprises of many of the notorious subcultures wardrobe staples reworked in much softer fabrics then there originals. Biker jackets come in Blood Red & Midnight Black Velvet, Shirts come in Black sheer chiffon, T-shirts come bias cut & embellished with Navy Blue sequins. Whilst trousers come in midnight blue velvet and in gorgeous Black Lace lined with nude coloured Silk.

‘We have always loved the many subcultures Britain has produced and the ones it continues to do so be it a New Raver to an EMO, but we have always loved punk most of all. This collection was inspired predominately by one of the subcultures first pioneers the late and iconic Sid Vicious. We based it on him growing old gracefully and imagining he still wanted the clothes he so dearly loved but re-mastered in softer and more elegant fabrics. Imagining that he would still be a bit of a rebel flashing flesh in a sheer shirts or black Lace trousers lined with fleshed toned silk causing optic illusions and allowing many to believe that your flashing more then you really are.’

For A/W 08, Jaiden rVa James worked closely with Kickers to develop a shoe for the season. Choosing the companies iconic rounded, chunky sole, 5 eyelet Kick-hi boot. Reworking the standard leather in Jet Black Patent contrasted with turquoise stitching and laces. ‘ We are delighted to have had the fantastic opportunity of working with Kickers, a brand with an amazing heritage and which was a big part of our childhood as we both wore the kick hi to school and continue to wear them’.

Jaiden and Rasharn would like to thank Charlie Porter, Matt Vines, Ellie @ kickers, Brett Lloyd for Photography, Raphael Castelmezzano for styling and many others who have offered us guidance and support.

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